Sunday, September 6, 2009

PAF Art Gallery by Squadron Leader Adnan Siraj - - Part II


When skill, precision, sharp reflexes and immaculate performance combine, they form the pride of the PAF Academy the “Sherdils”, the only aerobatics team of the Pakistan Air Force. Comprising the flying instructors of the BFT Wing, the Sherdils have earned their names through tenacious proficiency which go into each sortie depicting complete mastery over space, time and life itself. The four shipper flew on 17th August, 1972 and since then; it has become a regular feature of the graduation parades and air displays.


No. 9 Squadron is the oldest and the most eminent Squadron of the Pakistan Air Force. Its history is a legacy of excellence and is replete with the deeds of honest labour, professional achievement, honour and duty. The squadron has the singular distinction of having seven of its Squadron Commanders risen to command the Pakistan Air Force. The painting depicts an F-16 of No.9 squadron ready to pounce on its enemy with the “GRIFFIN” in the background.


The first of the F-16 Fighting Falcons acquired by Pakistan entered PAF service on 15 January, 1983. F-16, a fourth generation fighter, meets the PAF requirements for an advanced and potent multi-role aircraft. Outstanding as an air defence fighter, the F-16 is a true multi-role aircraft because its performance is not impaired in any way when it is switched from air-to-air to air-to-ground role. Its induction has had a profound impact not only on the attitude and capabilities of the PAF but also triggered off an energetic reaction across the border.


After years of careful design conceptualization and project planning between strongly bonded China and Pakistan, the first prototype of the JF-17 Thunder flew in 2003.Making rapid progress under dedicated teams of pilots, engineers, technicians and support personnel from both countries, the JF-17 soon began to exceed its design expectations and finally emerged as a high-performance, agile multi-role fighter possessing state-of-the-art capabilities in ordnance arrays, avionics and strike reach that are comparable to the world’s front line fighters of the new century.

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