Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lake Saif-ul-Maluk in Naran - - A Traditional Alpine Lake, A Must-Visit Beauty for Tourists

Lake Saif ul Muluk is the must see activity in Naran. It takes around about 3 hours on foot to travel to the lake. You can also hire jeeps or horses if you dont feel like walking to it. you have to cross a glacier on the way to the lake.The whole path is very beautiful and its recommended that you walk to it. In this way you will get to appreciate the captivating beauty on the way.

Lake Saiful Muluk is situated at 3000+m, about 40 minutes jeep ride from Naran. Best time to visit is early in the morning when the air is cool, resulting in a picture perfect reflection on the lake. Horses are also available for one to take a tour around the lake. Camping facilities are also avaialbe, but you will have to check with the hotel that you will stay at.

If you are lugging heavy back packs, or accompanies by children, porters are also available to assist you in carrying your extra stuff.

Nice view of Malaka Parbat.

The sad fact is that the tourisim has really destroyed the natural surrounding. With one shak tea/cold drink houses cropping up, along with no eco-tourism sense, the lake is fast loosing its charm. Best is to visit early in the morning when everyone else is having their breakfast.

Directions: The road from PTDC takes you straight towards the lake, crossing a glacier. During some seasons the glacier is so long that jeeps can not traverse it. Than you have an option to walk (approx 2-3 km) or rent a horse (availabe at the glacier).

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