Friday, September 25, 2009

Hunza Valley - - Hopar Glacier: An Excellent Place To Visit for Nature Lovers

The Hopar Glacier is one of the most accessible glaciers in the Hunza Valley. It is located in the area of Nagar after crossing a cool suspension bridge over the Hunza River. The Nagaris are Shiites unlike the people on the other side of the road who are Ismailis and hence the Nagaris are more strict in religion than the Hunzakuts. The Hopar glacier is about an hour of a ride from Karimabad (depends on road conditions) in a jeep. Excellent place to visit. The glacier feels very alive and is very slippery too!

From Hunza you can also arrange a trip to snow lake(Bifao,Hispar Glaciers) Hispar Pass - The crossing point between Baltistan and Hunza valley is the Hispar pass which is at the elevation of 5151 meters from the top looking back gives a feeling of vast snowy space without a hint of vegetation. Coiling out from snow lake smooth glaciers writhe between nameless and unclimbed peaks the highest peak due east is the Baintha Brak 7285 meters high. In the west the Hispar glacier rough and snow covered stretches down as far as the eye can see, Separating the Hispar Muztag range on the right from the Rakaposhi and Balchish range.Because the Biafo-Hispar region is very remote it serves as the last stronghold for many animals; including Himalayan bear, ibex, markhor and the snow leopard. H.W. Tilman, an English adventurer, claimed he saw footprints of the Yeti during his trek there in 1937. At the base of Hispar Pass on its eastern flank rests Snow Lake, a basin of ice (16 km. wide) surrounded by granite pinnacles yet to be climbed.

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