Friday, September 25, 2009

Heaven-Like Pakistan - - Baltit Fort: Hunza Valley Attracting Tourists From All Over The World

The state of Hunza was ruled for over 1000 years by the same family with their seat of power at the Baltit Fort. It is located on a large rocky outcrop at the base of the might Ultar Peaks (claimed by locals that no one has reached its summit).

This fort was renovated and reopened in 1997, and gives a magnificent view of the Hunza valley.

Doors inside were quite small, and the tour guide explained that this was a defensive mechanism as well. A person/enemy had to stoop low to enter (head first) and on the other end were the soldiers of hunza awaiting...chop chop.

The climb itself (if you are from seal level and not physically fit) on a narrow street is a challenge. On numerous occasions we had to rest and catch our breath. Noticed that the old people of this place had small hunchbacks…probably from climbing up and down in this small hamlet.

In addition to the tickets, you will also be charged seperately if you want to take photographs or make video inside the fort. Worth paying for both.

The fort itself gives a magnificent Birds eye View of the valley around; behind it is the might Ultar peak, and in front you can see the Hunza river, Rakhaposhi, and at a distant behind Golden peak, Broad Peak.

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