Monday, September 21, 2009

"Chand Raat" (Pre-Eid Night) Festivities and Activities in Pakistan

Mehndi or Henna: An important part of Eid and Chand Raat festivities

'Chand Raat', or the night when the Eid moon has been sighted is the most exciting part of the Eid festivities.
As children we used to wait for the sighting of the moon and the announcement after it was seen.What a frenzy when all the family members would be on the roofs of their houses to see the new crescent emerge once the last fast or 'roza' had been opened with dates,sherbet and 'pakoras' and samosas.Old and young were full of enthusiasm and wishes each other Chand mubarak or Eid ka Chand mubarak .

Later after dinner the women folk went to get Henna put on their palms.Henna which is a green paste made by grinding henna leaves and then mixing it with water.This is used to make tatoo designs on the hands of young girls and married older women too.
Over the years this art has been specialized by women who throng shopping centers all over Pakistan especially in Karachi they throng the bazaars.
Nowadays beauty parlours also cater to the whims and fancies of their clients and arrange for the Henna specialists to apply henna on the clients' hands in the saloons.Minimum cost per hand ranges from 50-80 rupees.

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