Sunday, September 27, 2009

Colourful Pakistan - - Kailash Valley, Chitral: Heaven on The Earth

Chitral Valley is another wonderful tourist destination in Pakistan. Popular for mountaineering, trekking, fishing and hiking, Chitral Valley is located at an altitude of 1,128 metres above sea level. Chitral is surrounded by Afghanistan on three sides. Chitral has a number of beautiful tourist spots that you can visit. Quite hot during summer, the best time to tour Chitral Valley is from July to September.

Chitral Valley is known for its hospitality and if you get an opportunity to stay with traditional family in Chitral, it would be wonderful experience. Traditional hospitality is what you should not miss on your tour to Chitral. Cuisine and culture is what you enjoy on your tour to Chitral Valley.
Music is another exciting experience in Chitral. You can listen to the soothing notes of the traditional 'Chitrali Sitar' in the bazaars of Chitral.

A tour of Kalash Valley is what you should not miss on your Chitral tour. Kalash Valley is home to Kafir-Kalash, which a primitive pagan tribe. There are different theories about their past and descent. According to a legend Kalash-Kafir are the descendents of the five soldiers of the Alexander Army, who settled down in Chitral.
Polo is a popular game in Chitral. During festive occasions polo matches are held. Polo matches are quite popular among the people of the area and tourists. If you are planning to visit Chitral Valley, plan your trip in July, as every year in the first week of July, Shandur Pass comes alive with cheers of Polo fans.
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