Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Celebration in Pakistan - - Become a Tradition More Than An Event in Pakistan

Our homeland Islamic Republic of Pakistan is also deeply influenced by events like Valentine’s Day which were unknown in the sub continent before but now after so many years of celebrating it, it seems like it has merged with our culture. If such days are celebrated uncontrolled they can damage the growth of our children. This day is very much renowned and gleefully celebrated in different age groups but youngsters and teenagers are the one who are most influenced by this day and they wait for the whole calendar year to celebrate it again, and some even start waiting for it for months to celebrate the day of Valentines with their loved ones.

Like other parts of the world, St Valentine’s Day is also celebrated in most parts of Pakistan including Karachi. Several young, urbanites were busy buying red roses, heart-shaped stuffed toys, cards, cakes, purses, watches and chocolates for the celebrating the day.

However, the Sindhi-speaking people in Sindh would celebrate the day in an innovative style - by planting trees throughout the province, showing their love and respect for Earth. This was decided in response to a call given by Ali Qazi, a Sindhi newspaper’s owner. According to Qazi, the province is going through difficult days in terms of environment; therefore, everyone must plant at least one tree on Valentine’s Day to express their love for the planet in general and Sindh in particular. He received warm reaction, and in almost every town, people are celebrating the day by planting a tree.

In Karachi, several non-governmental organizations would gather at Sandspit, Hawkesbay, Ibrahim Hyderi and other coastal areas along the Arabian Sea to plant mangroves on the coast.

Every February, shopping malls, commercial centres, shops and cellular phone companies make special arrangements for the day across the country, and special advertisements target young urban consumers. Though gifts are exchanged between siblings, parents and other relatives in the name of St Valentine, it is usually assumed that the day only focuses on couples; therefore, it is looked down upon in the Pakistani society.

February has long been called the month of romance and many experts recognized the day of 14th February as the most celebrated and enjoyed among the participants. The way of commemorating this day has developed over the years since it was used to be celebrated in early ages. Mostly everyone knows the history behind celebrating this day, about St Valentine and the secret marriages he performed for soldiers, when the King of England had forbidden his soldiers from marrying. And as the month of February starts, people start finishing and finalizing their plans for it. To show their love ones how much they love, how much they care, promises are made between the couples, and may be it helps them to increase the love and need for each other by wishing each other. Over the past decade or so the ways of marking this day has also been developing rapidly. Every year in Pakistan people are getting more enthusiastic, energetic and more passionate to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If we talk about the outcome of celebrating this day we will get to know that there are two possible outcomes of this day, one is enjoyed by the participants while the other is enjoyed by the businesses and owner of different businesses.

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