Friday, February 12, 2010

"Minno": Our Pet Cat and Her Grown-up Kittens Having Fun

I shared a video of our pet cat "Minno" back in Decenmber. That time she gave birth to her three kittens. She was licking her kittens with lots of love. You can see the pictures of Minno feeding her three kittens. One of my friend took one kitten named "Browny"; while the other two are still with us and a source of great fun when they are playing with each other.

Now I want to share few recent pictures of Minno and her kittens; which are now grown-up enough to have fun. Sometimes they need special attention and would not let me work.

Once I was busy to do my work on my laptop and Nazoo needs some kind of attention. He was wandering around me to attract me anyway and he couldn't succeed; he jumped and sit on my laptop. Everybody was laughing to see such a funny action.

The moment was worth-catching so I took my camera and capture that funny moment.

Another moment that I couldn't stop myself to share with all of you. Sleeping together, Pony and Nazoo, looking so cute and innocent.

I hope you would like these pictures and will continue to share more of such pictures if I would be appreciated by my readers. Therefore, please leave your comments and suggestion about this post and also for my overall blog.

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