Friday, February 12, 2010

Part 12: Pictorial History of Pakistan Air Force From the Brush Strokes of Hussaini - - 1968-1977 and the War of '71 (P-4)

Size: 2ft x 3ft Oil Date: 11-Dec-71
Artwork Located:
Office of the Assistant Chief of Air Staff Plans

Two F-104 Starfighters flown by Wing Commander Arif lqbal and Squadron Leader Amanullah are seen carrying out a surprise attack on an IAF desert base at Utterlai. An IAF HF-24 fighter is seen destroyed on the taxi track, after a gun attack by Squadron Leader Amanullah. The second of the two HF-24s, scrambled to intercept the starfighters, was shot up by Wing Commander Arif Iqbal, also by gun attack.

Size: 2ft x 3ft Oil Date: 10 Dember 1971
Artwork Located:
"Army Staff College, Quetta"

Mirages from 5 Squadron Sargodha strike IAF Base Pathankot. Apart from the damage inflicted in the technical area by the bombing runs of the formation, the leader Squadron Leader Akhtar Rao (seen in the foreground pulling away after firing his guns) also destroyed two Hunters lining up for take off.

Strike Force:

Squadron Leader Aftab Alam
Squadron Leader Arif Manzoor
Squadron Leader Akhtar Rao (Leader)
Flight Lieutenant Shafique Haider
Flight Lieutenant Farooq Zapata
Flight Lieutenant Hameed Malik

Size: 2ft x 3ft Oil Date: 7-Dec-71
Artwork Located:
PAF Art Collection

As a fierce ground battle raged in the Shakargarh salient below, 4 F-6s from Sargodha challenged 5+ intruding SU-7s of the IAF. Soon, one of the SU-7s began to disintegrate under a burst of 30 mm shells from the F-6 formation leader, Flight Lieutenant Atique Sufi. In the melee that followed, Flight Lieutenant Mushaf Mir sent one more SU-7 down. The remaining SU-7s quickly retreated as they were pursued by the other two F-6 pilots, Flying Officers Salim Arshad and Riaz Sarwar.

Size: 2ft x 3ft Oil Date: 7-Dec-71
Artwork Located:
Office of the AOC Southern Air Command

The painting shows the two-seat B-57C bomber trainer (No 846) of No 7 Squadron on a daylight raid against the Indian Army units massing up along the Khokrapar-Chor railway line leading into Hyderabad. Affectionately nicknamed "Baba"', the B-57 followed its bombing attacks by several strafing runs on the freight wagons lined up below. "Baba" and its two F-86 escorts from No 19 Squadron (top left) stayed over the target for over 30 minutes. A series of such missions from Masroor Air Force Base forced the enemy to abandon its planned offensive.

B-57 Aircrew

Flight Lieutenant Shabbir A Khan (Pilot)
Squadron Leader Shoaib Alam Khan (Navigator)

F-86 Escorts

Flight Lieutenant Mushtaq A Laghari (Leader)
Flight Lieutenant Khalid Mehmood Khalid (No 2)

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