Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Trip to PAF Museum, Karachi - - Full of Fun, Enjoyment and Information About Past, Present and Future of Pakistan Air Force (PAF)

Today I'm going to share a beautiful evening; we spent at PAF Museum, Karachi. It was a hot day of July; but suddenly clouds came from somewhere and it made the afternoon worth of outing. The plan was made to have a trip to PAF Museum. All preparations were done in a hurry and flew towards the destination, PAF Museum.

On reaching there; it was just not too amazing that everybody from Karachi is out for some kind of outing because of a beautiful afternoon and even joyful evening.

Just entering the PAF Museum

Kids were just surprised and over-excited to see big aircraft around them.

PAF gallery at PAF Museum was just presenting glorious history of Pakistan Air Force. Few representatives were also present there to satisfy the curiosity of the visitors. Everybody was taking keen interest in the aircrafts and other air-war related armory.

Pictorial history of Pakistan Air Force (PAF)

A statue, behind the ambitious kid, with PAF Uniform.

Model of JF-17 Thunder, I think, and a Helicopter.

Trip to PAF Museum ..... to be continued

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