Sunday, December 6, 2009

Proud to Be Pakistani - - "Chiniot": A Land Beside River Chenab; Famous For Its Unique and Artistic Styled Furniture Industry

Chiniot (Punjabi, Urdu: چنیوٹ) comprising two words, 'Chan' and 'Ote', translates as 'Behind the moon without light'. It is a city in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Chiniot is the capital of Chiniot District, until 2009 it was part of Jhang District in the former Faisalabad Division. It is located on left bank of the Chenab River on the Sargodha to Faisalabad road. The population of Chiniot is estimated to be 1.5 million. Chiniot is located at Latitude: 31.7200 and Longitude: 72.9789.

Chiniot is on the bank of River Chenab, and is famous for its furniture industry, which it also exports. Its labour force is specially skilled in woodwork. (Source: Wikipedia)

What this internationally acclaimed craft of the town needs is an institutional patronization and extensive efforts for international marketing? Made in Chiniot furniture is already being shipped to different countries but so far there are very little marketing efforts being made for this purpose. It can be a potent source of earning foreign exchange if attention is paid to and earnest efforts are made. Sadly, the trained incompetents responsible for export promotion do not see this and the unique potentials are not being taped yet. The first exhibition of Chinioti furniture in Islamabad last year was attended by large number of people from all walks of life. Particularly foreigners appreciated the furniture for its style, solidity and the cost.

Chiniot, a market town in the expanses of Punjab bears a prosperous look. Chiniot has every thing necessary for development - hard working and talented people, fertile land, water, communication infrastructure and clean healthy environment. The furniture industry can be converted into important source of earning though efficient ‘marketing mix’. Given chance Chiniot can be a nice and rich little city of the future.

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