Monday, November 30, 2009

Funny Photographs - - Girl Acting Like An Old Villager With Big Mustache

First see the above photograph of my niece, my elder brother's daughter, taken somewhere gone for outing. The reason to show you the above photograph is that on the event of latest Eid-ul-Azha, just two days back, the naughty girl in the picture acted like a Old Villager with big mustache. It was so funny that I decided to post these photographs on my Blog. I hope all of my readers will enjoy the expression and get-up of this naughty girl.

Now let's go through the following photographs one by one:

See how funny she is looking with big mustache, a big turban and wide smile on her/his face.

Lolz, how funny she is looking, as trying to twist the side of his big mustache to imitate an influential big man of a village.

Another funny expression........................a real fun stuff.

Just having a big laugh on her acting. She enjoyed it a lot and certainly we, too.

This post is just to share few good moments with all of you. Your comments will add a different falvour to these photographs.

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