Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sindhi Topi (Sindhi Cap): The Most Essential Part of The Sindhi Culture - - Sindh Celebrated The First Ever "Sindhi Topi Day"

Pakistan is a country of several ethnic groups and cultures. This is apparent not only in the looks of the people but also in their language, traditions, food and dress.

One thing a newcomer would notice is the variety of caps and turbans Pakistanis wear. Even though with increased travel, TV, and urbanization the caps worn in one part of the country have also been adopted by people in other parts but, still, the cap or the turban a Pakistani wears would usually give away his ethnicity and, sometime, even his social status.

Sindh has one distinctive cap, which stands out for its colorful embroidery and glasswork; the Sindhi Topi. It is round in shape except that a portion in front is cut out to expose the forehead for the same reasons as explained earlier. It comes in two varieties - hard and soft. The hard variety will keep its shape when not worn but the soft variety can be folded and even put into one’s picket. Most Sindhis, rich or poor, own a Sindhi cap.

The Sindhi Topi is regarded as one of the most essential parts of the Sindhi culture and is usually offered to guests, along with a traditional Sindhi Ajrak, as a token of respect.

Sindh celebrated first ever ‘Sindhi Topi Day’ on 6th December, 2009.

The call for the Sindhi Topi Day received an enthusiastic response everywhere as tens of thousands of people of all languages sporting Sindhi Topis and Ajraks took to the streets to express their sentiments and love with the Sindhi culture.

The Sindhi Topi Day has been observed following calls from a Sindhi television channel and the PPP in response to uncalled for remarks about the Sindhi Topi by an anchorperson of a private television channel.
Hand-woven Sindhi Topis are a product of hard labour and made in almost every district of the province. However, the Sindhi Topi produced in Tharparkar, Umerkot, Sanghar and other districts of the Mirpurkhas division are rated better and fetch a better price.

The Sindhi cap is also used in Balochistan, both by the Pushtuns and the Baloch. Balochistan, otherwise, is a land of turbans. And very distinctive turbans, too.

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