Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Trip to Manorra Beach (Arabian Sea) Near Karachi - - Full of Excitement, Fun And Unforgettable Moments

In July 2009; I, with my family, got a chance to visit Manorra Beach that is the only tourism possible island near Kharachi. The Arabian Sea was on full swing on that day and it was a daring fun to have a 15-20 minutes boat ride from Kaemarri to Manorra. The boat was totally in the hands of merciless waves of Arabian Sea.

After getting off the boat; everyone of us feeling nausea but we had to travel again by a Suzuki Van to reach to the beach area. The wind was blowing heavily and tides of Arabian Sea was smacking the shore with tremendous power. The Sea level was rising with every passing minute and getting dangerous.

Terrifying and Unforgettable Moments of Our Trip To Manorra Beach:

My nephew and niece , Anas and Aisha, just before the accident.

The whole trip was full of fun and excitement; but the accident that happened just at the beginning of the trip was terrifying and unforgettable for everyone of us. My elder brother and his family; his wife, a son and daughter, were also accompanying with us on this trip. We located a place to sit and I, with my nephew and niece, hurriedly headed towards the sea to have fun with the rising waves and wet and cool sand. I started to have photographs with my mobile of the Arabian Sea and the children. Since we were just there and didn't know the intensity of waves; therefore suddenly a huge tide came and it dragged my niece with it. She cried uncle catch me (Chachu, mujh ko pakrro). The Almighty Allah gave me power and I jumped towards her and after catching her sat down immediately. Her mother saw the scene and running towards us screaming for her daughter. The tide was so dangerous that even I felt going with that for the first instance. Thanks to Almighty Allah; who saved us from any loss and we got careful for the remaining trip.

In the process I got my mobile phone soaked in the Sea water and turned off; and I couldn't use it further to take the photographs. Luckily, we had a spare digital camera that was used to capture the remaining trip. The above photograph was the last one I took from my mobile camera.

Looking very careful after the incident

Just watching the huge tides of Arabian Sea

Children having fun of camel riding and Swings on the Manorra Beach

Amazing waves surprising everybody

After having a tremendous trip full of fun, excitement and unforgettable incident; we had to get back after noon. Then again the boat riding from Mannora to Kaemarri to back to the home deadly tired.

Even after quite a few months; whenever we remind the incident we use to thank Almighty Allah for saving us from any loss of life.

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