Sunday, November 29, 2009

Funny Video Clip: Eight Months Old Baby Driving a Car on The Road

Funny Video: Eight Months Old My Niece Driving a Car:

This is my personal video; the guy in the clip is my cousin and the little fairy is my niece. We were just coming back from a trip and she was sitting in my lap on front seat. She was so excited to see my cousin driving the car and then my cousin hold her in her lap while driving the car. She stood there and put her hands on steering wheel and mimicking like she is driving her own. Just look at that video; you will certainly enjoy:

Isn't it coooooooooooooool? The expression she is having on her face are unforgettable at least for us. She made our trip just memorable.

Your comments will add flavour to this funny video clip.

To watch the video on YouTube use the link below:

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