Sunday, November 7, 2010

“Reverence of Nature”: Art Exhibition of Mirza Matloob Baig at Gallery 6 - - Artwork That Shows Great Love of Artist Towards Nature

Matloob Baig loves nature and it is apparently visible in his upcoming painting exhibition titled “Reverence of Nature” is going to open today at gallery 6. The exhibition will continue till November 22, daily from 11am to 7pm at Gallery 6 (house 624, street 44, G-9/1) and will only be closed during official holidays of Eid-ul-Azha (Eid al-Adha).

“Baig’s paintings describe his worship for the remarkable beauty of the nature, his admiration of changing magnificence of the seasons, his adoration of the sharply silhouetted trees, his honour for the skies, his adulation of filtered or bright sunlight, his glorification of giant clouds and his adoration of multi-coloured lakes – all these are well reflected in an incredible way in his landscapes that are emotional, atmospheric, and romantic,” told by Dr. Arjumand Faisal, the curator of gallery 6. “All his works have feelings and are expressive as well as descriptive, creating sensations and serenity together,” she further admired the artistic work of Matloob Baig.

 Mirza Matloob Baig did his Masters in Fine Arts from University of Punjab, Lahore in 2000. He had a definite God gifted talent in this field and his talent was recognized on national and international level first time when he won the first prize from ‘Young Artist Association’ for the year 1999. His solo exhibition at Royyat Art Gallery in December 2008 earned lot of respect for him and his artwork.

He studies how light affects the vision of different subjects at different times of the day and in different weathers. At times his canvases tend to have brilliant colours that almost shimmer in their intensity and exude the joy of being in lush green land, while at other times one sees them immersed in mist and fog. His artwork may clearly be attributed to his observation of nature. 

Baig’s artwork deserves praise for his thorough landscape and local scenes. His artwork shows that he enjoys a lot working outside as they portray the influence of changing light on colour. He attempts to capture an instant impression of what the human eye sees and makes use of colour and material to create an atmosphere that exists there.

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