Friday, January 1, 2010

Good Bye 2009.....Welcome 2010 - - New Year's Celebration in Pakistan

The New Year is celebrated by two ways in Pakistan. There is a group of people who follow the traditional zeal of Islam and there are also those follow to the foot steps of West.

New Year in Pakistan is marked by a difference owing to their distinct cultural background and ethnic background. Pakistan is a land of diverse cultures, which also presents a multi lingual, and a multi ethnic background. It is home to ancient civilizations like the Indus Valley civilization. New Year in Pakistan is celebrated in March every year.

Pakistani New Year is traditionally referred as “Nawrooz” or ‘New Day’. Like most of the other countries which celebrates 1st of January as the New Year day, this day is officially declared as New Year in Pakistan. It is a time of celebrations, merriment and revelry. The festival of Nawrooz lasts for nearly six days marked by celebrations and enthusiasm, and passion. People welcome the New Year with the hope that the coming year will be more prosperous, successful and full of happiness as compared to the year gone by. The people of Pakistan usher in the New Year with hope and eagerness and the excitement is quite palpable.

New Year celebrations in Pakistan are marked by a difference due to the diverse and distinct cultural background. Different regions and provinces of the country have their different reasons to celebrate the day and their style of celebrating it may also vary. People in the mountain valleys of Pakistan like the hilly Chitral region observe the New Year as the harvest time of grapes and walnuts. It is better known as ‘Mela Chiragan’ or ‘Basant’.

In some parts of the country, the day is welcomed in a traditional manner with religious rituals and prayers being performed in mosques by the people. In popular cities of Pakistan, such as Lahore, Karachi, preparations for the New Year starts days before the arrival of the actual day. Different households welcome the New Year in different manner. In most of the houses, women folk become busy in cleaning the houses and people buy new clothes and prepare large variety of delightful dishes to entertain the guests and the family members. People also offer prayers or “namaz” at the nearest mosque and greet each other.

New Year celebrations begin with the New Year’s Eve in Pakistan when gunshots are fired in the air to signify the start of a new year. This is also a time for different art and traditional folk music festivals, which are held to mark the occasion and the festive mood. People look forward to this day with great enthusiasm and optimism. New Year in Pakistan is also the time for resolutions for bringing about more stability and peace in the country.

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