Monday, November 28, 2011

Treat for Art Lovers -- ‘Travel Pakistan’ Themed Art Exhibition at NUML, Islamabad

‘Travel Pakistan’ themed art exhibition was held on Monday at National University of Modern Languages (NUML) in Islamabad. The exhibition pleased the art lovers with its exclusive show of latest graphics, traditional art and calligraphy.

‘Travel Pakistan’: Art Exhibition at NUML, Islamabad 
The exhibition, organized by the students of Mass Communication department from NUML, reflecting their talent and showing the amateur strokes of brushes, calligraphy and imagination could become professional with little more effort and guidance. Young artists used the graphics and latest tools of digital media aiming to provide hues and colors of all provinces of Pakistan. The students contributed a number of paintings, calligraphy, posters and photographs.

Wasif Shahid’s beautiful oil paintings of interior Lahore and traditional Islamic calligraphy in medium of gold were also displayed in the exhibition. Moreover, Mass Communication student Noor-e-Sehr published the pictorial illustration of Sufi Tabsum’s poem “Taut Batot”.

Some students appreciated the idea of establishing such exhibition within departments as it would lead them displaying their talent at larger platform.

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