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Waheed Murad: The Chocolate Hero of Pakistani Cinema

Waheed Murad: The Chocolate Hero of Pakistani Cinema
He was born as a hero, with a proverbial silver spoon in his mouth; he lived as a hero and died as a hero, though a tragic one. He was none other than our own Waheed Murad
Pakistani show business is rich with tales of legendary artists who risked all to chase their dreams. Their vision and perseverance won them success. Here is a true-life story of one such actor, the great Waheed Murad.
'The brain is wider than the sky.' Said Emily Dickinson. Let us explore how the great Waheed Murad used his intelligence to come up with the greatest movies of all time.
Waheed Murad’s style of acting and his picturization of songs in films were inimitable and were even copied in the Indian film industry. Murad is still remembered as the chocolate hero of the Pakistani silver screen.
Early Days and Education:
Waheed Murad, the only child of well-off film distributor Mr. Nisar Murad and Shireen Murad, was born on October 2, 1938. He got his early education from Karachi Grammar School or Marie Colaco School, Karachi, did graduation from S.M. Arts College Karachi, and then masters in English literature from University of Karachi. 

Dwelling on his personal life, Waheed Murad's mother tongue was Punjabi. His height was five feet, eleven inches and his weight was one hundred fifty eight pounds, when he was in good health.
Professional Career:
In his twenty- three- year movie career, 1960- 1983, Waheed Murad worked in one hundred twenty three movies.
His unparalleled style in the then Pakistan's vibrant cinema appealed to the masses. In the words of Ilyas Rashdi, founder of Nigar Awards, 'Waheed Murad was a born hero.'
Waheed Murad stepped into Pakistani cinema as a filmmaker. His first film as producer was 'Insaan badalta hai', in 1961. His second production was 'Jab say dekha hai tumhain', in 1963.
As an actor he was firstly appeared in a supporting role in 1962's Aulad directed by S.M. Yousuf. The film got the Nigar award for the best film for the year. ‘Heera aur Pathar’ in 1964 was his first movie as lead actor and his major breakthrough film. He got the Nigar award in the best actor category for the same film. 
Waheed Murad's romantic-tragic characters created Pakistani cinema's most enduring and beloved personas. Essentially, Waheed Murad's movies are the essence of his creative spirit, the vital force of the human heart. Also, partly it was the sheer novelty of him.

He cheered up the silver screen with his extraordinary talent in acting and picturisation especially in romantic songs. Some of the songs that still turn many nostalgic are ‘Tumhain kaisay bata doon’, ‘Kuch log rooth kar bhi’, ‘Dil tumko dey diya’, ‘Koko korina’, ‘Jhoom aye dil wo tera jaan-e-bahar aye ga’, ‘Beetay huway khuch din aisay hain tanhai jinhain duhrati hey’, ‘Mujhe tum nazar say gira to rahay ho’, ‘Yun kho gaiy teray pyar mein hum’, ‘Socha tha piyar na karan gain’, ‘Khamosh hein nazaray’ and ‘Aye abre karam aaj itna baras’.
Reverting to the show business, movies like 'Eid Mubarak', 1965 and 'Kaneez', 1965, are still fresh in the minds of moviegoers. They have stories to tell.
For the sake of record, Waheed Murad and Zeba paired off in seventeen movies.

Waheed Murad and Shabnam teamed off in thirteen movies.
Waheed Murad and Rani worked together in twenty movies.
Waheed Murad and Shamim Ara appeared together in twelve movies.
Waheed Murad and Deeba acted together in thirteen movies.
'Armaan' is the most popular film of Waheed Murad and Zeba, which also happens to be the first platinum jubilee film of Pakistan.
In fact, Waheed Murad captured the high spirits of one of the country's most- loved songs, while picturing 'Akele na jana' on him and Zeba. He was absolutely, unequivocally as successful as an actor could be in the Pakistani movies.
Waheed Murad appeared as villain in only one film ‘Sheeshe ka Ghar’. His last film is ‘Hero’, which was released after his death in 1985.
Recognition of His Talent:
Waheed Murad earned the Nigar Award in 1964 for best actor in 'Heera aur pathar'.
Waheed Murad earned the Nigar Award in 1966 for best actor in 'Armaan.'
Waheed Murad earned the Nigar Award in 1969 for best actor in 'Andaleeb.'
Waheed Murad earned the Nigar Award in 1971 for best actor in 'Mastana mahi.'
Waheed Murad As Family Man:
Waheed Murad fell in love with Salma, a daughter of Karachi based industrialist and a Memon Ibrahim Maker, when both were in grade nine in Grammar School, Karachi. Their marriage took place on Thursday, September 17, 1964. The wedding ceremony was arranged at Nisar Murad's house in Tariq Road, Karachi.

He addressed his wife as Bibi at home.They had two daughters (Aaliya and Sadia) and one son (Adil). Sadia died in infancy and both Waheed Murad and Salma were become inconsolable. However, their two children, Aalia and Adil brought happiness and comfort to their lives. 
Craze Among Young Generation:
He loved to drive very fast. He mostly drove a Mercedes and a Volk's wagon.
Waheed was the first Rock n' Roll dancing star in South Asia. He was famously known as the 'Chocolate Hero' and 'Lady Killer'. His dressing style, the hair style, dialogues and songs used to be liked and followed by people. Waheed's hair cut was very popular among the young and was called the 'Waheed Murad cut'. In his hay days Waheed once went to Saddar area of Karachi in his white car. Realising it was Murad’s car; a group of 30 college girls covered the vehicle with lipstick kisses.
Last Days of Waheed Murad:
He had been living with his self-professed sister Mrs., Mumtaz Ayub at Defense housing society, Karachi in his last days.
He had been suffering from peptic ulcer for quite a while. But the cause of his death was a serious accident at Ravi Road, Lahore in November 1983. He was scheduled to undergo plastic surgery at Mid East Hospital, Clifton, Karachi, on Thursday, November 24, 1983, which never took place. 
This legendary actor in Armaan (1966) had earnestly urged Zeba not to go alone for how will he be able to live without her (Akele na jana hamein chorr ker tum, tumharay bina hum bhala kia jeeain gay). Ironically, on Wednesday, the 23rd of November, 1983, presumably between 2.00 a.m. and 3.00 am in the morning he decided to leave for the farewell journey all alone leaving millions of his admirers in tears.

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