Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Visit to Our Native Place: Full of Fun and Entertainment

A Visit to Our Native Place (Munianwala):

As the summer is already here and heat is increasing day by day. I was just remembering my a funny day; I had during last summer. As I'm living in Faisalabad with my family; but our native place is just 30-32 Km away from Faisalabad. We often used to go there for a day or two to have some fun and entertainment. The natural and clean weather plus greenery and fresh food like vegetables, fruits, milk and butter are the main reasons which often attract us to go there and have some peace of mind away from noise and pollution of the big city, like Faisalabad.

Here I'm gonna share few photographs of one of our tour to give you the idea about what I have said above.


My neice is enjoying on the green field. For the reminder of my readers; I have posted a very funny car driving clip of this baby few days back, If someone interested, he can find it the same post under the tag of "Funny". It's entertaining, believe me, if you haven't seen you have missed something funny.


Green fields, Blue sky and fresh air ................ wow the ingredients of our native place.


Wondering....Why I'm closing my eyes?? I'm trying to absorb the beauty of surrounding inside my heart.

The tour to our native place (Munianwala) always been like a tonic for us to face the hardships and problems of the life. Family of my father's elder brother (in our langusage it is called "Taya G") is still living there and earn their livings from culivation of lands. One more thing is worth mentioning that when we go there we are not the guests of our relaives (cousins and family) only; but everybody from the village will try to entertain us as much as he can. They still believe that 'Guests are the blessing from Almighty Allah'. These people still ahve time for each other to share and solve the mutual issues and problems; not like cities where everybody is entangled with his own problems.

I will keep on share more and more memories of such tours if my readers and fans will like my post. Right now, I'm going to share one more funny clip. In the clip me (behind the camera), my younger brother (zahid), our cousin (Yousuf) and some of his friends are trying to beat the heat in the cold water of canal. This canal is called 'Rakh Branch Canal'. After watching this video clip you can imagine that how great fun and entertainment it was!

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