Saturday, March 6, 2010

Faisalabad: The Manchester of Aisa - - Bollywood Superstar "Kareena Kapoor" in Town For Marketing of Firdous Textile Products

Faisalabad district has made rapid strides in the field of industry after independence. It is now called the "Manchester of Asia" for its extensive development of textile industry. This development has been made possible by the continued efforts of pioneering entrepreneurs as well as workers over a period of four decades. Before independence, there were only five industrial units in Faisalabad City (then Layallpur).

Now, there are dozens of textile mills with other subsidiary units. Roughly, there are 512 large industrial units out of which 328 are Textile units, 92 engineering units and 92 of chemicals and food processing units. Other industries include hosiery, carpet and rugs, nawar and lace, printing and publishing and pharmaceutical products etc. There are also some 12000 house-hold industries, which include some 60000 power loom factories.

Faisalabad is an important hub which contributes to the trade and economy of Pakistan. During the past 10-15 years the textile industry of the country has suffered due to rising demands which were not backed up by necessary advancements in infrastructure and policies which were required to keep progress coming due to this reason we have seen stagnation especially in small and medium enterprises who were involved in the textile industry.

Yet there are various names which have managed to help a lot to the economy with their consistent efforts and hard work in the area. Among those successful names is Firdous textile Faisalabad which has maintained and multiplied their status as a quality nationwide producer of printed garments.

Recently their success was marked by Bollywood superstar Kareena Kapoor who was hired to style for the upcoming catalogue. This is the first time that she has been hired by Pakistani textile manufacturer.

Kareena Kapoor said ' I’m really impressed with the quality of designs which were presented to me’. This statement is a proof that the trend in style and fashion in Pakistan is satisfactory enough to compete with all international trends despite all the problems the country is facing.

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