Saturday, October 3, 2009

Thandiani in Nathiagali - - A Heaven for Trekkers and Nature Lovers

Now this is a cool place (literally and practically). Thandiani means cold in the local language. Its around about 1 hour and 30 minutes on a good decent road. Its rises steeply at some places. It is 2700 meters above sea level on a small plateau surrounded by pine forests. This beautiful spot can easily be approached from Abbottabad, which is 24 km away. It is totally unspoiled and has the loveliest of views of all the hill stations of Pakistan. The scenery here is breathtaking and superb. It is pretty high. Just a few kilometres into the road and you start gaining height quickly. One place on the road offers a stunning view of Abbottabad city.

Thandiani is not located in the Galliat Range but some other range. Beautiful trees on the way and also a few small caves which are probably home for the wildlife. Thandiani was discovered by the British but was later neglected and was only rediscovered as a hill station recently so it is completely unspoiled. There are few shops at Thandiani and only one basic guesthouse (no big expectations!). It only gets cold about 2 km before Thandiani. There is also a Pakistan Television Booster at the top and a Pak Air-Force Radar (No Photographs). But the beauty of this area is its views. Stunning views of all the areas around this region. Views of the Galliat Range, Hazara Region, Swat Forests, Chitral region and that of Abbottabad itself. Heard the dawn was beautiful but didn't stay at the guesthouse though. Also heard it gets real cold at night even in summers almost below 0 C. Lots of greenery and some beautiful rocks on the ground. There is also a road at the top which seems to go straight into the sky when you first enter Thandiani but it gives wonderful views. Must visit place!

Hey its Pakistan so how come you think of traditional night life. But you can do it here in the local way. Go to main bazaar which is the most happening place at night. Lot of activity goes on at that time. You would see many people moving around bazaar.

The ideal place for people watching is the open air area of Hilal's. You can enjoy your dinner and later coffee at the same place. Afaq is the other most busy place but its not ideal for people watching.

Alternatively you can arrange a bonfire at the plce you are staying, have some Barbecue and enjoy the night life of Nathia Gali. Some times Greens hotel arrange Bonfire on weekend so its not a bad idea joining them for barbeque where local singers entertain audience with live songs.

Weather is chilly at nights so better wear warm clothes.

Cloudbursts & thunderstorms are very common during summer. Most of time it remains fogy so becomes difficult to predict that when its gonna rain. And when it rains it comes with thunderstorm and lightening does strike!

Some suggestions are:

(1) Trek in group only
(2) Start it early morning when its sunny
(3) Keep umbrella and rain coat
(4) Stay away when it rains and weather get clear. Track would be muddy and very slippery

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